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Tansy asked when nothing happened right away. Elena frowned. ” Fatima and Lysandra stayed silent, but Tansy could see the pity in their eyes. Staring hard at James’s hands, she willed him to come to life. But a few minutes passed, and still nothing happened. ” Elena dabbed a bit more onto James’s hands. At that exact moment, a tremendous roar split the air. Tansy turned around, then froze in horror. So did the others. Still roaring, the ogre stood before them, spit flying from his mouth. His features were blurred by their blindfolds, but the princesses could see that the ogre was hideously ugly.

Though her flute had worked its magic on humans many times, could it reveal the thoughts of an ogre in a language the princesses could understand? After all, Elena’s gift—her magic 59 lotion—hadn’t helped. Still, anything was worth a try. Being careful to keep her blindfold in place, Tansy brought her flute to her lips and began to play.

Fatima guided the carpet north again, until they could see the ogre’s shack and the stone well. Counting the statues,Tansy gasped. ” she cried. ” 52 Statues Fatima landed the flying carpet near the well, and Tansy jumped off. There was a fierce scowl on his face. James, however, knelt on the ground, his hands flung up in horror. “I should’ve stopped them,”Tansy sobbed. 53 “It’s all my fault. Poor Edward and James! ” Elena ran to Tansy and gave her a hug. ” muttered Fatima. “You didn’t make your brothers go after the ogre.

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