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By Paul Stenning

ISBN-10: 1842403087

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Биография австралийской супер-группы AC/DC. AC/DC were swaggering their manner in the course of the rock n roll scene for greater than 30 years. beginning with their roots within the Australian pub circuit, this ebook takes an intensive examine the place the band got here from, the place theyve been, and the place theyre going.

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And it seems unlikely this appeal would have faded once the boys were in a group taking to a stage every night. Nevertheless Evans’ description of the climax to his falling out with the band is as follows: “At first me getting girls was a great thing for the band, but increasingly jealousy turned into hateful resentment as even though Malcolm and Angus were huge talents and great performers they weren’t popular with the opposite sex and both did not even have girlfriends the whole time I was in the band with them.

Eventually I went to the door and was sprung by the girl’s father. I was wearing only shorts. ’ He took out his false teeth and said, ‘come outside’. “I followed him outside where he had two of his mates, in their 30s. ’ I said, ‘She will have gone by now. ’ Suddenly he started punching me in the head and body. He knocked me into a rose bush and dragged me through it. Then his two mates came over and dragged him away. They could see that because I was just 5’ 5” I didn’t have a chance. That was the worst beating I have ever had.

He went walking by himself; I never had to do anything. He never used to come home from school. He’d just go off with some of his little mates and never think of coming up the hill. I used to have to chase him, so it started young! He was mischievous, I’d say, more than anything. ” The courts did not see Bon in quite the same way. ’ Being sentenced to time at a boys’ home was preferable to facing his parents, whom Bon felt he had disappointed. Until the age of 18, he was placed in the care of the Child Welfare Department.

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