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(September/October 2012)

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Reversing the disaster of fastened meaning
upload – American Dream Disorder
Piecing jointly the worldwide insurrectionary puzzle.
The heretical methods of Nigeria’s Boko Haram
Europe’s anarchic nihilism
Cory Sine on Latin America’s political renaissance
city farming and the fissure of modernity by means of Darren Fleet
“The Key to Power” by way of Michael Hardt & Antonio Negri

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Best culture books

The Big Lebowski: An Illustrated, Annotated History of the Greatest Cult Film of All Time

Even if contending with nihilists, botching a kidnapping pay-off, observing as his cherished rug is micturated upon, or just bowling and ingesting Caucasians, the Dude—or El Duderino if you're no longer into the complete brevity thing—abides. As embodied through Jeff Bridges, the most personality of the 1998 Coen brothers' movie the large Lebowski is a contemporary hero who has encouraged gala's, burlesque interpretations, or even a faith (Dudeism).

Everything but the Coffee: Learning about America from Starbucks

Every little thing however the espresso casts a clean eye at the world's most renowned espresso corporation, taking a look past baristas, motion picture cameos, and Paul McCartney CDs to appreciate what Starbucks can let us know approximately the US. Bryant Simon visited thousands of Starbucks world wide to invite, Why did Starbucks take carry so speedy with shoppers?

American Cinema of the 1960s: Themes and Variations (Screen Decades: American Culture/American Cinema)

The profound cultural and political adjustments of the Sixties introduced the us towards social revolution than at the other time within the 20th century. the rustic fragmented as a number of demanding situations to nation energy have been met with expanding and violent resistance. The chilly struggle heated up and the Vietnam struggle divided americans.

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These two institutions, whose initial goals (the elimination of world poverty and the stabilization of the world economy) were quite noble, have become instruments of the interests of the American and international MNCs in Latin America and abroad. In fully-realized “Adam Smith Capitalism,” we should expect to see competition between MNCs requiring the re-investment of profits for continued research, development and growth. Instead, we see a stagnant mire in which huge corporate entities simply divide up the globe into their own zones of influence and put the wealth they earn directly and exclusively into the enlargement of profit.

The vehement support of Cuba’s inclusion in the Summit of the Americas by Latin American countries (though it was ultimately unsuccessful) can be seen as an affirmation of the revolutionary roots of that nation. Fidel Castro and Ernesto “Che” Guevara achieved in Cuba what few have been able to achieve in other nations – they revolted, and dethroned a brutal dictator who was supported largely by the United States through the indirect colonialism of multinational investment and corporatism. Cuba has, ever since, paid dearly for its success through an American-enforced trade embargo.

There is private invisibility and public visibility. Marshall Berman says that Baudelaire’s “Eyes of the Poor” poem evokes a “primal scene,” a primal scene “that reveals some of the deepest ironies and contradictions” of modern capitalist urbanization. For Berman, the setting that now “makes all urban humanity a great extended ‘family of eyes’ also brings forth the discarded stepchildren of that family. ” Haussmannization and its neo-Haussmannization counterpart share a historical and geographical lineage.

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