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By J. Hellings

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A entire, serious and available account of Theodor W. Adorno's materialist-dialectical aesthetic concept of artwork from a modern viewpoint, this quantity indicates how Adorno's serious thought is awash with photos crystallising ideas to this sort of measure that it has each cause to be defined as aesthetic.

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Done all in his power to save the message from extinction. ) the duration of hope, to the indestructibility of possibilities and the frailty of adversities that bar them from implementation. 10 The open work’s equation of unknown variables also describes the construction, distribution and reception of artworks ‘as indeterminate, as antithetical to definitions’ (AT 72), which may wordlessly express a lonely language of suffering and despair, but which always address themselves to uncertain futures and imaginary witnesses who may or may not be capable of reading them.

Lukács’s historical and hysterical caricaturisation of Adorno’s aesthetic theory of art’s autonomy – that is, the prevalent view: messages in a bottle = political quietism – however, shows no signs of abating. For, as Bernstein argues: Adorno’s apparently uncompromising defence of modernist art and his apparently uncompromising critique of mass culture as a product 36 Adorno and Art: Aesthetic Theory Contra Critical Theory of a ‘culture industry’ has served the proponents of postmodernism as a negative image against which their claims for a democratic transformation of culture may be secured.

Art is increasingly conceived as an instrument of making things visible. ) Art has become institutionalized at every level and become a fixed feature of the social system with contexts of economic exploitation that are expressed increasingly openly. We seem to have lost faith in the utopian power of art to point to a radically other world that is nonetheless only a tiny step away from the existing world. ) Much of contemporary art practice seeks to displace the enigmatic character of artworks that Adorno took to be central and make artworks the bearers of a discursive meaning, statement, or position.

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