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3 and 5) corresponding generated product ions, are drawn as a collection' of vertical, downward-pointing arrows. In addition, some results of accurate mass determination, mass numbers and structural elements are recorded horizontally at the appropriate mass level. 1(b)) in the same way. The mass differences, often useful for interpretation, are added vertically to the appropriate transitions. 2 Definitions To make it easier to discuss the applied examples, the conceptions used are now defined. All product ion ("daughter ions"), generated directly from one ion species constitute an "ion generation".

If the electric field is ldecreased trom Ε ^ · ^ " b to zero, then all product ions generated by metastable decompositions are focussed successively on the detector. Here again it is necessary to ask if such an energy spectrum can prove a fragment genesis. As the ion separation only resulted according to the kinetic energy W ] ^ it can be concluded that a signal in the energy spectrum may, in principle, represent any number of ions of different mass and velocity. Again, only one quantity of the equation with two unknown quantities (III) is determined and therefore the equation is unsolvable.

23 1 A 11 . 1 il ' I 299 1 200 1 1 300 327 372 1 ι 1 A00 Conventional mass spectrum of bis(N-ethoxy-carbonyl-prolinyl) carbonate (70 eV electron impact, ion source 250°C). Different fragmentation pathways have generated a mixture of product ions up to m/z 156. Structural and Mechanistic Applications K2 Structural and Mechanistic Applications Fig. 24 59 Fragmentation pathways of bis(N-ethoxycarbonyl prolinyl) carbonate, detected by DADI/MIKE spectrometry (27). these oxygen substituents. For the sake of comparison several of these compounds were synthesized and tested by conventional mass spectrometry (30).

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