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2 Promoting Quality R igorous studies of how students learn, how schools function, how teachers teach, and how the different cultural, political, economic, and demographic contexts in which these and related investigations are framed can provide (and have—see National Research Council, 2002, for examples) important insights into policy and practice. And yet poor research is in many ways worse than no research at all, because it is wasteful and promotes flawed models for effective knowledge generation.

MECHANISMS FOR BUILDING THE KNOWLEDGE BASE We see three points of leverage for encouraging knowledge accumulation in education research: professional associations, scholarly journals, and infrastructure supports like data banks. Efforts like data sharing should be supported by professional norms that are developed through sanctions and rewards and reinforced informally by the community of researchers 1Many of the other barriers to data sharing, however, are common among all sciences (National Research Council, 1985).

Our focus here is on those practitioners and community members who do not bring this expertise to peer review deliberations. PROMOTING QUALITY 29 in the early stages of developing scientific norms for peer review, this important process could be complicated or slowed by the participation of individuals who do not have a background in research. We do see the potential benefits of including practitioners and community members on panels that are evaluating education research funding applications, identifying high-quality proposals, and contributing to professional development opportunities for researchers, practitioners, and community members alike.

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