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She went on at length about how the same people always sang solos on Sunday morning, and because she wasn’t part of that clique she never got asked to sing. I have to admit I felt angry and defensive. I’d already been on staff at another church where I’d been constantly compared to my predecessor (and found wanting), so Lee had unknowingly touched a sore spot. But fortunately I’m not by nature a hottempered person, and except for grimacing at the wall, I didn’t express any anger while talking with Lee.

Choir directors who stress proper breathing have choirs with ENcoURAGING COMMITMENT 59 better than average breath support. Music ministers who emphasize facial expression develop expressive choirs. If we want to cultivate commitment in our choir members, we must tell them, and keep telling them, how important it is. Just talking about something doesn’t make it happen, but it plants a seed (or bends a twig, if you prefer). When new members join the choir, orchestra, or worship team, make it clear that their faithful attendance is important not only to the director but to their fellow musicians.

F. 1. ‘ . Privacy is also necessary when confronting. ” Be sure you’ve thought through the problem and examined your own actions and motives. If you’re wrong, ask for forgiveness. If you don’t feel you’re in the wrong, but you’ve still hurt someone (as I did in Gene’s case), apologize for the hurt you’ve caused. ) Don’t be afraid to share the blame. Beginning with a positive statement is helpful. First, say something you sincerely like or appreciate about the person. )#Then address the problem.

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