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By Kenneth Pye, N. Lancaster

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Stories of aeolian sediments, either historical and sleek, have exhibited a few very important conceptual advances in recent times. particularly, there was a circulate clear of descriptions of sediments, bedforms and sedimentary environments towards a brand new emphasis at the dynamics of aeolian depositional platforms at diverse temporal and spatial scales, and their reaction to exterior alterations in sea degrees, nearby and international climates and tectonics. This targeted booklet includes a choice of papers that have been offered on the Symposium "Aeolian Sediments: historical and smooth" held in 1990. it is also a couple of contributions from authors who weren't capable of attend the assembly, yet whose paintings displays vital elements of up to date examine in aeolian sedimentology.State-of-the-art study papers in aeolian sedimentologyInternational, professional authorshipOf relevance to trendy issues approximately international weather changeIf you're a member of the foreign organization of Sedimentologists, for getting info, please see:

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ROMJ\ N , D. ( 1985) Evidencc of high sea level during isotope sInge 5e in Queem;l�tlld. Australia. QII(I/. Res, 24. , K. ( 1 98 1 ) R�l te of dulle redde ning in ,I humid II'opiea l climate. N{f/III'I!. 290, 582-584. :, K. ( 1982a) Morphologic:11 dcvelopment of 'O

PVE, K . ( 1983d) Post-dcpo�itiotl:ll reddcning of latc OlllltCrtlar), coastal clune sands, northcastcrn Austmlia. In: Rcsidual Depo,\'//s (Ed, Wilson . ) pp. 1 1 7 - 129. Geo!. Soc, Lo nd . Spcc. 1)1Ibl. 5. Blackwell Scientific Public1llicns. Osforcl, Pvu, K. ( 1983c) Formation of quartz silt during humid tropical wcathcring of dunc s:I11Cls. Sed. Ceo!. 34, 267-282. Pvt!. K. ;sivc dunc building, episodes and their relationship to Quntcl'1lary SCli level changes: n d iscuss io l l with rcfcrcllcc to evidcnce from northcastern Australia.

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