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By Evgenia D. Homskaya, David E. Tupper

ISBN-10: 0306464942

ISBN-13: 9780306464942

Alexander Romanovitch Luria is well known as considered one of the main well-known neuropsychologists of the 20th century. This e-book - written by means of his long-standing colleague and released in Russian via Moscow college Press in 1992, fifteen years after his dying - is the 1st severe quantity from outdoor the Luria kin dedicated to his existence and paintings and comprises the main accomplished bibliography to be had at any place of Luria's writings.

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7xl0- 5 cm 2 /s for the experiment illustrated in Fig. 3B. Effect of Glucose Removal on [K+] in the Intercellular Space The amplitude of the K+-sensitive electrode response depends on the penetration depth and on the local volume at the tip of the electrode. Shown in Fig. , 40 (middle record) and 80 ~m (lower record). In the presence of 11 mM glucose, the two recordings are synchronous although the amplitude of the response from the microelectrode impaled deeper in the islet tissue was larger. The removal of glucose (at the time indicated in the upper trace) caused a rapid cessation of the oscillations in [K+]I.

1. Comparison between the experimental and theoretical [K+]sensitive microelectrode responses. Continuous curves represent calculated responses. Points represent experimental data obtained with the electrode on the surface of the islet (open circles) and with electrode at a depth of 28 ~m into the islet tissue (filled circles). Experimental pOints obtained in the islet were normalized to the voltage response of the electrode outside the islet tissue shown in the upper part. Change in [K+J o from 5 to 10 mM.

S. Hagiwara and L. Byerly, Calcium channel, Ann. Rev. Neurosci. 4:69 (1981). 27 16. Y. Kidokoro and A. K. Ritchie, Chromaffin cell action potentials and thier possible role in adrenaline secretion from rat adrenal medulla, J. Physiol. 30i:199 (1980). 17. D. E. Knight and P. F. Baker, Calcium-dependence of catecholamine release from bovine adrenal medullary cells after exposure to intense electric fields, J. Membrane Biol. 68:107 (1982). 18. S. B. Masters, T. K. Harden, and J. H. Brown, Relationships between phosphoinositide and calcium responses to muscarinic agonists in Astrocytoma cells, Molecular Pharmacology 26:149 (1984).

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