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By D. V. Subba Rao

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A thematic quantity with fresh advancements in micro algal learn, this publication accommodates the newest findings in particular to handle how most sensible algal cultures can be used as analogues of typical blooms, their application in knowing the ecological rules and their functions in biotechnology. This set of two volumes could be valuable to researchers in organic oceanography in addition to scientists, complicated undergraduate and graduate scholars as a precis of present concepts in physiological ecology.

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1973); to test allelopathic effects (Subba Rao et al. 1994); production of domoic acid in relation to stress due to silicate (Pan et al. 1995a, 1995b), phosphate limitation (Pan et al. 1996), and enrichment with lithium (Subba Rao et al. 1998). In experimental studies mechanistic multi-nutrient (light, ammonia, nitrate, phosphorus, iron and silica) models can contribute to our understanding of the algal physiology (see chapters: 14 Flynn, 16 Thompson). There is an increasing interest in the biotechnological applications of microalgae (Borowitzka and Borowitzka, 1992, Radmer and Parker, 1994).

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C. Lippmeier, C. Shih, D. R. E. Apt. 2001. Trophic conversion of an obligate photoautotrophic organism through metabolic engineering. Science 292: 2073-2075. W. W. Right, F. L. Garrido and L. Clementson. 2004. Photosynthetic pigments in 37 species (65 strains) of Haptophyta; implications for oceanography and chemotaxonomy. Mar. Ecol. Prog. Ser. 270: 83-102. Dedication In friendship to Dr. George F. Humphrey, Australia and Dr. James E. Stewart, Canada, and to the memory of my parents Sastri and Seshamma Durvasula.

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