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Our task was to construct a mobile hub that would be activated when the consumer was watching the brand’s TV spots. Similar to music detection, we utilized Shazam to allow the consumers pick up the sound of the TV spot. With one tap of this app, the brand would send consumers to where they could watch the videos instantly on their mobile devices. The goal was straightforward—get as many YouTube views as possible. But this is where the simplicity ended. The company’s mobile web experience was very complex and would not work as a single solution to the mobile activation of the short campaign, All Thumbs 25 which would only last a few weeks.

While it was not how you want an Mobile Is the Action Screen 49 effort to go, the inclusion of the mobile activation screen really requires that everyone—from the creatives to the media planners and buyers—be involved in the development from the outset, and that they all agree to the objectives and use of the mobile screen and work together to achieve the desired result. ” ● Place action screens on equal footing with alert screens for budgeting, planning, programming, creating, and executing. This subtle change in vernacular can start motivating your people to support overall marketing campaigns and make them far more effective.

There may come a time, as smart devices become ubiquitous, to introduce a personal advertising platform like the one I failed to create . . the first time. 54 All Thumbs C O N S UM ER- CENTRIC M ARKET ERS WILL WIN ON M OBILE—T HE M OST P ERSONAL PL AT F ORM EVER Our mobile phones have become personal accessories with options that give the owners a sense of style, function, identity, and more. This means you need to get pretty personal with your consumers. And there is a fine line between getting personal and being offensive.

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