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4 ppm, respectively. In determining precision from duplicate pairs it should be noted if the duplicates are all from the same analytical batch, only within batch precision is estimated. A more realistic estimate of overall precision is obtained by analyzing duplicates randomly distributed throughout many batches. Difficulties in the use of duplicates to estimate precision arise when differences between them follow a non-gaussian distribution. This can happen if: (1) the sample is heterogeneous and sampling errors are skewed; (2) concentrations are close to the resolution of the analytical method and results are reported as discrete values giving a discontinuous distribution; (3) concentrations are 30 / s* — — • • • » U X 2 ·*.

Open symbols: no significant difference, at the 95% confidence level, between the two populations on the basis of the Kolmogorov-Smirnov test; solid symbols indicate that populations are significantly different. ) 51 Soils and sediments should be collected in high wet strength paper bags in which they can be dried without opening the packet. In hot, non-humid climates it is sufficient to place the bags outside in the sun. Where this is not practical a simple drying tent can be improvised with four uprights, plastic sheeting and a kerosene heater.

3-1. Rock crushing equipment: in sequence from the foreground are (1) a disc mill open for cleaning; (2) a jaw crusher; (3) a closed disc mill; and (4) a second jaw crusher. The equipment is mounted on a hollow pedestal constructed by covering a heavy welded steel frame with sheet metal: within the pedestal ducts, connecting each piece of equipment to an air exhaust system, extract any escaping dust downwards. The compressor in the background provides air for blowing equipment clean. a particular mineral fraction might be needed and it will be necessary to prepare a mineral separate.

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