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By Andrew Benjamin

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Benjamin argues for a reappraisal of philosophy on the subject of the centrality of ontology, supplying unique reinterpretations of latest painters together with Lucien Freud, Francis Bacon and R.B. Kitaj.

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Within the painting the presentation of the head in the mirror and the head outside of the mirror is such that it is neither a true reflection nor an absolute non-reflection. The INTERPRETING REFLECTIONS 35 mirror resisting reflection in toto, thereby re-poses the question of the self and of what appears within reflection in a way that can no longer be presented within the terms provided either by metaphysical philosophy of reflection or the tradition of humanism. Identifying the importance of these two questions as in the frame, but then to think of them as preliminary to a full interpretation of the frame, would be to articulate the possibility of interpretation in terms, once again, of establishing a homological relation between mode and object.

As a consequence spacing, understood as a site of potential plurality, is denied by the progressive realization demanded by teleology. It would, of course, be far too hasty to conflate prediction and teleology. It is best to leave the specificity of prediction—the predictive—open and cite instances. 4 Here the predictive involves an Absolute that encloses; enclosing while defining the nature of the differences within it in so far as the absolute—its actualization—provides the conditions of existence for any speculative identity.

The issues at play here rather than being stated in advance will come to be worked out. It is only once the move of reworking identity and difference is made in terms of the anoriginal that the ethical/political problem of relation can be investigated. The reason for this being the case is that the relation, as a relation between the different, can itself only emerge with the distancing of the possibility of synthesis and the effacement of distance. It is a process whose work is to rearticulate and repeat its own presence thereby yielding the anoriginal presence of distance, which in turn generates the relation as a relation.

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