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Assimilation and Commitment The series of circles in diagram 7 represent an attempt to respond to the frequently asked question, Why aren't more our younger people and our newer members as committed as some of our old-timers? For purposes of analysis it may be helpful to distinguish between a commitment to Jesus Christ and a commitment to this parish. While it is impossible to defend this theologically, unless one turns to the doctrine of original sin, there are people who have a very strong commitment to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior but are not involved in the life of any worshiping congregation.

One means of illustrating the basic concept is to use two examples that may be found in the congregation with two full-time ordained ministers on the staff. The background theory is that every congregation can be described in terms of two concentric circles. The larger outer circle is the membership circle. Every member is within that outer circle. The smaller inner circle includes the members who feel a sense of belonging and who feel fully accepted into the fellowship of that called-out community.

5. Is the Sunday morning schedule planned to offer people choices or to fill up the building? 6. " How has it worked? 7. Do the members see your congregation as a small church? Is it basically a single-cell congregation? Or is it a congregation of groups, classes, organizations, circles, committees, and individuals with very little overlap in the membership of the various groups? 8. What is the degree of involvement of your congregation in intercongregational cooperation? What has been the effect of this on church growth for all the participating congregations?

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