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52. NORMA FRONTALIS CRANI1 THE SKULL, SEEN FROM THE FRONT 41 Fig. 53. NORMA LATERALIS CRANII T H E SKULL, SEEN FROM T H E SIDE 42 Fig. 54. CALVARIA I. (faciès externa) T H E SKULL CAP, I (external surface, viewed from above) 43 Fig. 55. CALVARIA Π. «v Sutura coronalis — Sutura frontalis seu metopica Sutura frontozygomatica _ . Sutura frontonasalis Sutura sphenofrontalis - - Sutura internasalis Sutura nasomaxillaris Sutura sphenozygomatioa — Sutura zymaticomaxillaris Sutura intermaxillaris Fig. 56.

CONCHA NASALIS INFERIOR I. (aspectus medialis, 1. ) THE INFERIOR NASAL CONCHA, I (medial view, left side) Fig. 46. CONCHA NASALIS I N F E R I O R I I . (aspectus lateralis, 1. ) T H E INFERIOR NASAL CONCHA, II (lateral view, left side) 37 Fig. 47. MANDIBULA I. T H E MANDIBLE, I 38 Fig. 48. MANDIBULA IL T H E MANDIBLE, II Fig. 49. MANDIBULA I I I . THE MANDIBLE, III 39 Fig. 50. MANDIBULA SENILIS T H E MANDIBLE IN OLD AGE Fig. 51. OS HYOIDEUM (aspectus antero-superior) T H E HYOID BONE (anterosuperior view) 40 Fig.

18. Processus mastoideus Ineisura mastoidea Fossa condyloidea Foramen magnum Sutura occipitomastoidea Foramen mastoideum Oondylus occipitalis Fossa jugularis Fossa mandibularis Fig. 59. BASIS CRANII EXTERNA I. T H E BASE OF T H E SKULL, I (external aspect) 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. Fissura petrooccipitalis Sutura sphenosquamosa Tuberculum pharyngeum Fissura orbitalis inf. Sutura zygomaticomaxillaris Foramen palatinum minus Sutura palatina transversa Sutura palatina mediana 47 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

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